About the Chamber

A Brief History

Basically, it is the business community at work as the central agency for community development for business, industry, the professions, and all civic interests- doing jobs that no individual can do alone – rendering many services that benefit all citizens. The Chamber of Commerce, as a wholly voluntary institution in the United States, is eight years older than the Declaration of Independence. The New York State Chamber, first in America, was organized in 1768, and five years later the first local Chamber was formed in Charleston, South Carolina. Today, there are more than 4,000 Chamber of Commerce in the United States. Since those early days, Chambers of Commerce have steadily developed to a high point of efficiency and have proved to be vitally important in business and civic development throughout the nation.

What Does it Do?

The mission of the Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the economic, civic, and cultural growth of the Cambridge area, to improve the quality of life in the community, and to act as the voice of business in the Cambridge area. The Chamber of Commerce works to improve business and build a better county. It makes available to all members of the business community, firms, and individuals alike, the necessary vehicle through which to combine forces for executing the continuous, year-after-year program of work necessary for positive county development. An effective annual plan includes industrial and economic development, travel and tourism promotion, civic activities, public relations for the county, and other projects or programs beneficial to our specific county’s needs. Through their own organizational efforts, all members of the chamber, business and professional people alike, obtain many benefits, both direct and indirect, through increased community payrolls and an attraction of more customers to our trade area. Our local Chamber is affiliated with both the United States and Ohio Chambers of Commerce. Our local Chamber of Commerce takes part and has a voice in the development of state and national policies.


The Chamber...

  • Provides programs to keep money local
  • Heightens consumer awareness of member businesses
  • Increases traffic flow into member businesses
  • Provides the ultimate business network to increase referrals
  • Designs and implements opportunities to showcase businesses and local commerce
  • Maximises local talent for local workforce
  • Develops leaders in the community
  • Connects business leaders to share best practices
  • Prepare youth to develop leadership skills and better understand how the community works
  • Further interests of businesses in Southeastern Ohio
  • Support, encourage, and cheerlead entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Embrace and promote our exceptional quality of life

The Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to business associations that foster collaboration with business members, city and county governments, educational systems, and the healthcare community.

This guide is a tool to identify and support local businesses and civic organizations. The comprehensive list of member businesses is evidence of a diverse business climate and vibrant quality of life here in Guernsey County. We are proud to be a part of it!

Please support the businesses that support the community with their chamber membership. It’s just good business!

How is it Financed?

The Cambridge Area Chamber is supported primarily by investment membership representing business, industry or the professions who are interested in encouraging and stimulating new and improved business and in building a better county. Each member, individual, or firm is expected to subscribe a fair share of the total cost of sustaining Chamber of Commerce efforts for Guernsey County. There is not a more profitable investment available to any business person, industrialist, or professional person than his/her annual financial investment in the local Chamber of Commerce.

How is it Organized?

The Members, according to the By-Laws provisions, elect a Board of Directors whose members serve without pay. They determine policies and the general course and operations of the Chamber. Necessary committees are set up from the general membership under supervision of the Board. In its highest form the Chamber has a high percentage of its total membership serving on various committees, some for specific jobs already officially a part of the work program and others to study needs and submit recommendations to the Board based on what should be done, and how.