Young Leaders of Guernsey County

The Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the introduction of a program for young adults between 21 and 40 years old.  Young Leaders of Guernsey County is a community of young adults that builds relationships, improves the quality of life for young professionals, and gives a voice to young leaders in our community and in our businesses and for our future!  Membership in the group is open to Chamber of Commerce members and non-members.  Young Leaders members must live or work in Guernsey County.

Monthly events for Young Leaders will vary between social, educational, and community service.   The group is launching Young Leaders with an April event to be announced soon. Plans are also underway for a “101” series of educational programs like Buying Your First Home, Smart Investing, How a Board of Directors Operates and Working in a Multi-generational Workplace. Sessions will alternate between morning, noon and evening to accommodate varied schedules.  Social events like lunch mobs and pool parties are in the works.  Team building activities and mentoring opportunities are being planned.  Pancakes with the President is a breakfast with a company president who can share his/her leadership experience.  The group is currently exploring community service opportunities in which they can contribute their time and talent.

The Young Leaders program is meant to inspire an up-and-coming generation of leaders to step into leadership roles in our community.  As leaders in key positions “age out” of their roles, these Young Leaders will be better prepared to take on the responsibilities.  The Chamber of Commerce will present a Young Leader of the Year award at the Chamber’s annual dinner each year.

An open invitation exists for 21-40 year-olds to join Young Leaders of Guernsey County.

CLICK HERE for the membership application.

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