Adult Leadership Guernsey


  • September 8th & 9th: Orientation & Retreat
  • October 12th: Health & Wellness (A.M.) – Zane State Epic Center, SEORMC (tour, P.M.)
  • *November 2nd: Economic Development (A.M.) – Zane State Epic Center, Factory Tour (P.M.)
  • *December 7th: Public Safety (tour) – Guernsey Co. Jail
  • January 18th: Nonprofits & Community Awareness – Zane State Epic Center
  • February 15th: Networking Skills & Media – Zane State Epic Center
  • *March 8th: Government – Zane State Epic Center
  • *April 5th: Education – Zane State Epic Center
  • May 10th: Graduation – Cambridge Country Club

*Indicate an adult and youth combined class.

Other Information


Questions may be directed to
Sally Ritz (740) 260-3212 or Jo Sexton (740) 630-6010.


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